Journalist Apologizes For Slapping Woman During Interview

Founder and host of popular Radio Programme Brekete Family Ahmed Isah has come out to apologize for Slapping a woman during Interview.
Recall a Viral BBC video had been captured the moment Isah Slapped the woman and it resulted in argument online.

The Woman by name Susan had been accused of Burning a young girl's Head who suffered injuries.

The Brekete Family Founder appealed to the General Public and beyond to forgive his actions..

“I call as somebody that is ashamed of himself…

“After three months…when they saw that police did not arrest the aunty…they came to me..

“They brought her in the evening after I have treated 200 cases.

“When they brought her, she was not remorseful. That was why I slapped her and I am very sorry for what I did."

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