Seven Facts About Ada Jesus

Sad news for fans of Mercy Cynthia Ginika Chukwu fondly known as Ada Jesus who passed away on Wednesday April 21, 2021.

She died few days after celebrating her birthday at the hospital where she received treatment for kidney complications she was battling with. 
However here are Seven things you didn't know about Ada Jesus
1. Ada Jesus is an actress,  a comedienne and a content  creator. 
2.  She was Born on February 19,1998.
3.  She studied at IMO State University (IMSU). 
4. She started making comedy skits and became popular On Instagram  in 2018.
5. She does  her comedy  in Igbo Language. 
6. In Februat 2021 Ada Jesus' health detoriated as she suffered from kidney problem which we're believed  to be spiritual. 
7. She was a Mother of One. 

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