"The Nigerian Government has not Ended SARS" - Sowore

The Nigerian Government has not ended SARS -Sowore

Nigerian Activist and publisher of Sahara reporters Sowore and four others were arrested for participating in a protest on new year's eve.

In an interview with journalists in court on Monday on his and other activists arrest by the police, Sowore  disclosed how he was physically assaulted by the police and came to a conclusion that brutality by security personnel's on citizens has not ended.
"The policemen that were brought to the place of the protest were beating people and I came down from my car where I was covering the protest to stop them from beating people.

“They pounced on me, and broke my nose. It was carried out by a mobile police officer who loaded about seven vehicles with mobile police officers well armed.

“It was an attempt to stop him from terrorising Nigerians in view of #EndSARS protest and the position of the country on police brutality that they pounced on me and broke my nose. When they took me to their Abattoir, I discovered that the Nigerian government has not ended SARS. They mobilised SARS to beat us up and force us into detention,

Sowore and four others spent four nights in detention and were eventually arraigned on Monday before a Magistrate Court in Wuse Zone 2, Abuja.

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