"What cannot kill you only makes you stronger". What it takes to be an Entrepreneur

It is an undisputed fact that entrepreneurship is an important concept in developing factors for economic upliftment of a country...
Entrepreneurship is not a destination but a journey.. Every Successful entrepreneur doesn't expect to arrive at the same finish line; for without expectations, one won't be able to continue to push himself/herself out of their comfort zone and Grow and also means excluding the necessities that are needed for a business to witness positive, mind blowing results..

Although Nothing good comes easy, There will definitely be good times, hard times and bad times... The good times bring motivation and zeal to achieve more goals, to push further...the bad and hard times often bring negative emotions and thoughts and the*I give up* attitude..
And sometimes the best way to console oneself is maybe a drink or two and spending from the profit of the business...
But one thing every entrepreneur must have in mind is to understand the fact that hard times are when we need to push harder; For what cannot kill us will only make us stronger...

However, we must note these few key things in order to be successful entrepreneurs..
Challenge yourself, We must be ready to step out of our comfort zone and ready to do more than expected.
Be passionate..let passion be the driving force combined with determination, discipline and dedication and hope for better results.
-take risk.. Taking risk has it own effects..We must be ready to go beyond our comfort zone to develop our goals and achieve the results we set out to achieve..
Trust yourself: Self Esteem is an important key to become a successful entrepreneur.. Every  entrepreneur must have self confidence..trust yourself and trust what u do.
Reduce fear...The greatest enemy of progress is fear..Never let fear get the best of you for if it does, it brings your Progress to a complete halt and one becomes completely numb.
Act more, Talk less; Talking without action is delay..Make a move, Take a step and do something..Talking will not bring the results you want to see. 

Learn and create; We must be willing to learn new things, create new ideas, new innovations that'll develop ourselves and the businesses we do.

You are what u think, What you think is what u become. what you think, is what u attract into your life.. In this life, one must struggle in order to survive. Hardwork pays for there's no food for a lazy man..

Becoming an entrepreneur is all about overcoming obstacles and achieving greatness beyond compare..."Be the best you can be, be you, Be free, set goals and work towards it..for the end will be better than the beginning"

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