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Rainbows could sometimes look ugly to the tearful eyes and twisted knots could be indications that Earth and Jupiter were no longer friends(or were they before?). Like many, I was a young boy with the teenage tendencies and fantasies of a young heart. Loving the next human(who was the opposite sex) gave my face the arch expression of a lot of things, meaningful and meaningless. Ah! Some days, I wish I could curse that day and still have my breathe in one peace.
Love they say, could be a beautiful thing. One that gives your butterflies the strength needed by these dragons. Cupid gives you a high five and the next minute, you're lost in endless unfading daze of days. You become a poet at sunset, a chocolate creamed soldier at dawn and a gracious creation of God appreciating life by noon. You could comfortably walk through hell's pathway and still enjoy the burning to the sole of your feet. How beautifully dark isn't it? These are just but a few exceptions to what teenage love does to you...

Most people see teenage dating as a normal thing, some see it as a taboo, while others don't even regard this as part of their lifestyle and culture.. These love feelings occur with changes that come 2ith adolescence and increases a child's interest in wanting independence, and Privacy.

During the adolescent stage, the child tends to show more interest in friends more than family, hang out with our peers and get in a relationship which last only a few months and sometimes a year..But it ain't all teens who show interest in this, they prefer sports or books to Dating..

Nevertheless, the family plays a great role in teaching their children about Teenage Dating, Friendship and Relationship..
When families encourage discussions like these with their children, it boosts the child's confidence to ask questions about Teen Dating, and as well makes the child feel comfortable to share her feelings when she get romantically attracted to the opposite gender.

At the Same Time, its not all Teenagers that have clear knowledge about sex education.
Most teen relationships do not include sex but some teenagers will involve sexual behaviours at some point. This is why every child must have in depth knowledge about contraception, Safe sex and Sexually Transmitted Diseases..
We were never taught to love and how to love. We just grew into a system that makes love sweetly sour and so, any jab against your will is justified by the scars you live with. 

Teenage dating could be one of two things; avoided or enjoyed if controlled to avoid damages. Lots of young people like myself are now focused on loving our flaws and so, loving another is just a paradox of itself. Wanting the constant Ks in our variations, we're still scared of these equations. So who do we blame? Life? Love? Society? Or ourselves?

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