"Rape" a threat to the society

Rape, a threat to the society
Sexual assaults are the most violent occurrences that happens almost everyday and it affects over a billion women and girls during childhood or in early adulthood and in most cases, some people experience multiple rape.

Rape is the one crime that leaves one feeling the most violated, worthless and incomplete.
  Statistics have shown that over nine million women in the European continent suffer from rape and its only few European countries that take this awful act seriously..
Out of five women, two or three become victims of rape.
However, laws that have been put in place to curb such cases are substandard, unsatisfactory and incapable of tackling this awful act.

   Assailants involved in this awful act could be a father, brother, uncle, relatives or even strangers.
But the simple truth here is that " Sex without consent is Rape ."

Sometimes one wonders how a rapist would feel after defiling a woman irrespective of her feelings and judgement.
At the end of the day, the victim is affected physically, emotionally and practically.

Physically involves where the assailant used force on his victim and such victim requires medical assistance immediately.
Emotionally, the victim suffers guilt, embarrassment and shame and also become scared of becoming pregnant and contracting sexually transmitted diseases.
  These victims also become worried about being able to be in a relationship. Sexual assaults is wrong and it's the fault of the rapist and not the victim.
Most victims of rape do not easily recover and overcome the 
traumatic experience of rape and therefore we must put an end to this awful and unruly act as it is unpleasant and enraging.
Most a times, people rape their daughters, sisters and even their mothers all in the name of sexual obsession. Some people will conclude that in-descent dressing is the one thing that leads to rape but that does not give any man the right to forcefully have a woman without her consent simply to show who's in control
when a woman says no, her no means no and it shouldn't be taken otherwise. Women are to be respected because they also have a role to play in the development of the nation.

A man will enjoy the moment but she will suffer the effects of that moment for a lifetime.

Nevertheless, The government need to enforce laws and punishment to tackle this awful act and also protect women and girls from this form of violence.

#Say no to Rape
#Our women our pride


  1. This is very thoughtful and insightful. Keep writing.

  2. I hope this makes a positive impact on the lives of many out there...Keep it up! @titaflex


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